'No route to host'

This page covers errors that contain the phrase: 'No route to host'

  1. Is host up?
  2. Is port open?
  3. Is your router blocking the port?
  4. Do any IPTables rules apply?

1) Is host up?

First, check whether the host you are trying to reach is up. The host is the machine you are trying to reach.


nmap <HOST>

against the host you are trying to reach.

If you see a message in the output like:

Failed to resolve “HOST”.

where HOST is the host you are trying to reach, then this is a DNS lookup failure. See dns-lookup-failure

If the output of the nmap command reveals no ports open.

2) Is port open?

The port may be blocked by your local router.

This error originates from the Linux kernel, specifically at:

net/9p/error.c:129: {“No route to host”, EHOSTUNREACH},

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